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Huanhuaxi Park

Qingtai Recreation Zone

Today is national day.  It is a quiet day around campus as it is the beginning of a week long holiday.  The weather is turning slightly cooler and the leaves are beginning to change.  Apparently the fall is a brief season in which you move from the  hot humid summer to the cool damp winter, at least that is the way one expat has described it after living here for several  years. 

Public Health:  One of the items we did in our indoor air class was to ask the student to construct a log of the amount of time they spend indoors.  They were asked to monitor the time they spend in their homes (or apartments), in taxis or buses, in the classroom or workplace, and in other indoor environments, plus how much time they spend outdoors.   In the late 80’ early 90’s the U.S. EPA estimated that people in the United States spend around 90 percent of their time indoors (22 hours/day  of which 16 hours/day were in their homes).   The students monitored where they spent their time for one week, accounting for 168 hours.  There were four indoor categories:   Residences, Transportation, Classroom/Workplace, and other, plus outdoors.  Students spent (on average) 95 hours  (57%) in their residences, 3.8 hours (2.3%) in transportation, 39 hours (23%) in classrooms of businesses, and 10.7 hours (6.4%) in other indoor environments.   Outdoor accounted for almost 20 hours per week or 11.6%.  So the total time spent indoors was about the same as reported by the EPA.  One of the big differences however, it the lack of air conditioning in most of the indoor environments.  For example my office at the university and the lecture hall in which I have been teaching are ‘naturally ventilated’ (the windows are open!!), so while much time is spent indoors, it is likely that outdoor generated pollutants play a much greater role in indoor air contamination in Chengdu than in a similar city in the U.S.

China Daily:  A report from an early September edition of the China Daily stated that: ‘Another five people have been sickened by a cholera outbreak in an east China county’.  The reported indicated that this had raised the number of total cholera cases in Mengcheng of Anhui province to 38, most of who had been effectively treated.   This is apparently at the end of a larger outbreak as they reported that the cholera outbreak had  been brought under initial control as new cases declined sharply as of August 30 from the first identified cases on August 16.  The sentinel cases were identified in three people who had eaten at three different restaurants. The provincial health and disease control experts were still working to trace the source of the epidemic in the county of 1 million people. Some local residents blamed low hygiene awareness among the public and street food peddlers and stalls which offered poor quality food for the outbreak.  Earlier local authorities have closed all street food stalls and restaurants for disinfection as the disease is transmitted through water and food.  There was not follow-up  report confirming the sources of the outbreak.

My Day:  As indicated earlier, this week represents the 100th anniversary of the founding of the
West China Medical Center, and the 10th anniversary of the merger between Sichuan University and the West China Medical Center.  The medical center had its beginning in 1905 when missionaries from (the U.K.,  the U.S. and Canada, initiated an ideal to establish an institution of higher learning in Chengdu.   It was established in Chengdu at the Jinjiang River and named Huaxibsa (or flatland).  It is known now as the Huaxi campus of Sichuan University.  In 1910 it was founded as “West China Union University” and remained so until 1949, and in 1951 was handed over to the People’s Government.   There was an extensive period of readjustment from ‘a private comprehensive university’ to a multi-discipline socialist university of medical sciences’ over the intervening years.  In 2000, the medical university was joined with the Sichuan University.   Much more detail is available about the history of the university and the merger, and I will be happy to answer questions you might have.   To celebrate this anniversary  several events were planned.  On Monday evening, September  27 there was a ‘student and faculty’ talent show held in the outdoor soccer stadium.   It was a combination of parodies of the faculty, karaoke,  student dancing and singing, including some dances from different ethnic groups in the region.  However, the highlight was a group of students dressed in ‘men in black’ outfits doing karaoke and moon walking.  University students are university students, no matter where!!  Thursday, September 29th the actual anniversary of the founding, started with a program in the morning in another stadium where there were a  number of speeches by various representatives of the National,  Provincial, and University governing bodies.   Then that evening they had another show celebrating the campus with some very outstanding dance and skit performances.

100 year celebration

100 year celebrationSpeeches


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