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Public Health:   Friday evening’s class went well, although there were some interesting communication challenges.  The period lasted from 7:30-9:30 with about 70 students in attendance.  The course is what is called a ‘selective’ course for seniors that are completing their degree in public health this academic year.  There were a number of good questions, which, as I understand is an achievement because for the most part Chinese students focus on taking notes and being lectured to.  This fits in nicely with my ‘China Daily’ blog.  Friday was ‘Teacher’s Day’ and annual day of recognition for teachers.   In the paper, the Chinese President, Hu Jintao,’… called on teachers to embrace reform and innovation in teaching and enhance teaching standards.  He urged university professors to be more productive… and urged the university administration and teaching faculty to embrace reform and innovation, and improve its education quality’.  This ‘call’ is perhaps the beginning of what U of L has been working on for some time in its efforts to foster innovative teaching methods and critical thinking.   One of the task I will be involved in this semester is meeting with some of the younger faculty in the School of Public Health to discuss different methods of teaching. 

From our weekend: On Sunday we ventured out of Chengdu to visit the ‘Giant Buddha’ at Le Shan, a city about 70miles to the south of Chengdu.   It was an all day trip.  First, we took the local bus to the ‘tourist’ bus station, where we purchased tickets to for the bus to Le Shan.  The city bus is first come first serve and I have yet to find a seat!!  On the other hand, the tourist bus, doesn’t assign seats, but everyone has a seat.  In fact, if the bus is full it does wait until departure time, it departs.  On the other hand, we experienced this on our return trip; if it is not full it will wait around to see if it can fill the seats.  We did not have to wait long on the return trip as the bus was full about 15 minutes after departure time.  The trip down was uneventful, taking about 2 hours.  We were dropped at the bus station and had to catch a taxi to the site.  This site is a ‘UNESCO’ cultural heritage site and is reported to be the world’s largest stone-carved sitting Buddha’ its pinky toenail can seat several full-grown people.  It is located at the confluence of three rivers facing the sacred Taoist E’mei Mountain.  The 71 meter statue was started in 713 AD and took about a century to complete.  See the photo.  On our trip back, we did encounter a ‘Chengdu’ like traffic jam which made the 2 hour trip a 5 hour trip.  We got back about 9 that evening.  But all’s  well that ends well,  We walked to the local Italian Restaurant and had pizza in celebration of a successful trip.


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  1. Good to read your posts. This one brought back memories from our recent trip to Chengdu (Southwest Jiatong University) and Leshan.

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