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We are at our one week annversary of being in Chengdu.   Classes are scheduled to start this next week and I have completed my syllabus for indoor air and health course I will begin this week.  I have an optimum class time, Friday evenings from 7-10 pm.  I will be in a large lecture hall that will accomodate up to 200 students, but as of yet I do not know my enrollment for the class.

Most of the week has been spent gathering documents to have our visa’s extended for a year.  We are busy emailing back and forth to the States trying to secure scans of the documents.  We must obtain a health check certificate, register with the local police, foreign experts certificate, and residency permit.  All are interrelated and must be completed within one month of arriving.  We hope to have these completed by next week.


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  1. Sounds like a very interesting week especially with seeing the Pandas. The class on Fri nights doesn’t sound like the “optimum” time to me, as I’m sure students here would agree. So how long did it take you to “fish” for your dinner?

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